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. . . and the bride APPEARS!

The Grand Entrance

This option is recommended for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, weddings and conferences; however, it will enhance any magic show with a platform or stage.  Imagine a large box on stage that has a screen on each side.  The room is dark and Stephan uses a light to show the inside and exterior of the box as the assistants turn the box for the audience’s viewing purpose.  As the music and mood change, one can see a shadow of something appearing in the empty box.  The audience is starting to realize it’s a finger! a hand! an arm! a head! A PERSON!!  The Bar/Bat Mitzvah child; Bride or CEO breaks through the front making his/her GRAND appearance. This appearance will be the talk of the town!

Death Defying Underwater Escape

This option will enhance any event.  Stephan will perform the very dangerous, yet exciting Underwater Escape, made famous by Harry Houdini and seen on television by thousands on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Black Entertainment Television.  Stephan will wear a T-Shirt signed by the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child, guest of honor or CEO/President. Stephan will be handcuffed and emerged underwater in a metal can barely large enough to hold Stephan.  The Bar/Bat Mitzvah child, guest of honor or CEO/President will secure a sealed top, locked with borrowed padlocks from the audience.  A human chain of audience members will be used to circle the can; making sure no assistants are helping with the escape. A large clock will be used to keep time of Stephan under water.  Will he escape?  Will security have to break the can with an axe? Will this be Stephan’s last performance?  What will the audience think?  Will Stephan be able to return the signed T-Shirt to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child, guest of honor or CEO/President?

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Greetings Stephan is absolutely fabulous! He is truly an outstanding professionally skillful and talented magician. His interaction with my guests was amazing, he was captivating the entire performance. Stephan’s performance far surpassed my expectations. I would be remised if I didn’t highly recommend him to others as I plan to secure his services again. Just Awesome! Thank You!

Ruby Cunningham

I highly recommend working with Stephan. Right from start he was prompt at providing information and very clear about what he was able to provide for our corporate event. On the day of, Stephan arrived early to understand the lay of the land and wanted to get to know more about the clients in attendance. His energy during the event was incredible, and he truly provided the perfect amount of entertainment for our guests in which we received a ton of great feedback.

Thanks again Stephan!

Michaell Carter

McAfee/Intel Security