Magic,, Comedy and Stuff with live animals

Funds For Schools

Host a Magic Show at your school
and a percentage
 of the ticket sales
will be donated back to your school
along with other  perks.  Refer a
school(s) and receive even more!

(see below)

 Your School will receive:
0 Schools
  40% of the Ticket Sales
 1 School
 *50% of the Ticket Sales
 2 Schools
 *60% of the Ticket Sales
 3 Schools
 *70% of the Ticket Sales
 4 Schools
 *80% of the Ticket Sales
 5 Schools
 *90% of the Ticket Sales
 6 Schools
 *100% of the Ticket Sales

*To qualify:

1. Your school (the referring school) must  have a signed agreement for a future fundraising magic show.

2. The referred school must have a signed agreement at least 5 days before the referring school's magic show date.

3. The referred school must have a student body of at least 500 students and include grades First - Fifth grades.

4. The referred school must have the magic show performed in the same school's calendar year as the referring school's magic show.

5. A school can only be referred once.

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Stephan is a great performer! We had him come to our school two years in a row and the kids and parents love the show. In addition to having some pretty amazing tricks he is funny and engaging and the PTO raised quite a bit of money. We were very pleased!

Melanie Acanda

Cooper City Elementary School

I have seen Stephan perform magic many times and he never ceases to amaze me. I have also been part of a school fund raising audience and the kids loved it. He organizes every aspect of the show from ticket sales, to stage set up, to performance. If your school is looking for innovative ways to raise funds this year, please forward to your PTA or VP of Fund Raising.

Paula Stitt


Palmview had the opportunity to have Stephan bring his magic show to our school. It was a phenomenal family event. Stephan truly engages the entire audience and we had a lot of fun that our students will never forget. This is a great fundraising event. Stephan makes the management of the event super easy and stress free. He will partner with you to incorporate any school event or curriculum focus into the show. Stephan is an incredible performer. The show is more than just a bag of tricks. It’s a show that everyone will enjoy and remember for years to come.

Sheri D.

Palmview Elementary School

Hello Fellow Media Specialist: I hosted a magic show this year at my school with Stephan. He was very good and it was a profitable easy activity to implement. He provides all of the flyers and will set up an online ticket sale for your school. You may also sell tickets on your own and at the door before the show. In addition to the show we also sold pizza and drinks. I plan to do it again next year.

Maria S.

Coconut Creek Elementary School

Stephan put on an amazing show at our elementary school. The students were excited about his magic and talked about the show long after. It was a very memorable experience for them.

George Y.

Highland Elementary School