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Party Tips

Tips For A Successful
Birthday Party


Pre Party Pointers

1. Haste Makes Waste… Try to plan your upcoming party four to six weeks in advance.

2. When finalizing on a given date, take into consideration holidays, vacations, etc. that might come in conflict with your special event.

3. Location, Location, Location. Decide if you wish to host the party at your own residence or at a restaurant, clubhouse, or special location.

4. Should you take the party outside the home, make sure the place can accommodate you and your guests sufficiently. Visit the site prior to booking. Always speak with a manager. Get the name and number of the person with whom you are working.

5. School parties are often unique and sometimes require specific procedures. Should the party be held at the school, be sure to consult the teacher and/ or administrators for invitation procedures and other rules.

6. Try to make arrangements regarding parking in advance. If people are permitted to park on the lawn, specify this in the invitation. Also, check with neighbors about additional parking.

7. If the party is supposed to be held outside, be sure you have a “rainy day plan.” Rain or shine, the show must go on!

8. Create a guest list with the help of your child.

9. Send out your invitations approximately three weeks in advance. Make sure the invitations include, host’s name, date, address of party, time of pick up and drop off, proper attire, and RSVP information. Also, include directions and or map to party site.

10. ALWAYS plan for more than you are expecting. In other words, buy extra food and extra party favors.

11. To cut back on expenses, consider buying in bulk. For food, places like Costco, BJS, and SAMS Club are often less expensive than your neighborhood grocery store. For party decorations, one might try, Party Depot and the Dollar Store.

12. The best food to purchase for children is “finger food.” Some suggestions of tasty “finger foods” include; pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken fingers, and chocolate or vanilla cake and ice cream for dessert.

13. When planning food for adults, allow 5-6 hot hors d’oeuvres per person.


Additional Advice as the Party Advances

1. Plan a theme for the party. Usually, themes and games can be adjusted to fit the proper age group. Some potential themes revolve around Sports, Arts and Crafts, Disney, Western, Hawaiian Luau, or Hobbies.

2. Often you can find entertainment to compliment the desired theme. Some entertainment is great in all cases, such as a magician.

3. Check references on any entertainment you should hire.

4. When selecting entertainment be attentive to children’s needs and fears. Often, younger children might be fearful of clowns or costume characters.

5. Coordinate the party favors as well as the cake decorations to match the theme.

6. Be sure to read all the packaging information on the party favors to make sure they are age appropriate. Some suggestions for party favors are; personalized t-shirts, glow sticks, hats, candy, etc.

7. A great website for personalized or imprinted party favors is, Thornton Enterprises at or call 804/272-5542.

8. If, however, you would prefer non-imprinted party favors click on the coupon below:



1. Get ready to capture all Kodak moments. Make sure your cell phones have plenty of storage available.

2. Have table settings with children’s names on them. This will ensure order, and it will allow the birthday boy or girl to sit next to his or her best friends.

3. Set up a guest book at the entrance of the party. Let children and parents sign his or her name, draw a picture, or write some birthday wishes. This will be a lasting souvenir of the day’s festivities.

4. Keep the music flowing. Music is a great filler during down time. Ask the children what music they like.

5. Decorate the room in accordance with the theme. Balloons, streamers, and banners are always a success. Feel free to tie one balloon to the back of each child’s chair. This balloon can than be added to the party favor as an additional souvenir from the party. Avoid candles and breakables around children.

6. Another decorating suggestion is changing some of the standard light bulbs with colored light bulbs, black lights, or even a strobe light.

7. As the guest of honor opens his or her presents, someone should make a list of the gift and the gift-giver to make thank-you note writing easier.

8. Play games. Excellent party games include, but are not limited to; Simon Says, relay races, scavenger hunts, and Piñatas.

9. For additional entertainment, if you (or one of the guests) have a special talent such as joke telling or story telling, feel free to share this with the partygoers. This adds a personal dimension to the party.

10. When cake time comes, dim the lights, and sing loudly. Have the matches handy (but out of the children’s reach) Let the child cut the first piece, but have an adult serve the cake. Magic candles (candles which immediately relight after being blown out) are a festive touch.

11. Have a variety of food accessible, both for the main course and the desserts, in case children have an allergy to a given food.

12. Be prepared for accidents. They are inevitable, but if you are prepared they are not detrimental. Have a first aid kit on hand along with spot remover nearby.

13. RELAX, and HAVE FUN. Remember, it’s a PARTY!


Final Facts for a Fabulous Fiesta

1. Present your gift to the birthday child after the party. This will be an added, yet welcomed surprise!

2. Be sure to write thank you notes to all your guests in a timely fashion. Feel free to include photos from the party with each thank you note.

3. Ask the birthday child his favorite and least favorite part of the party. This will give you great insight into next year’s planning.

4. Consider assembling a mini-album for your child with all the photos from the party. Rest assured, this will become a treasured gift. It will allow the child to relive the great memories of the fantastic party!


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Stephan was wonderful with the kids. He kept their undivided attention. The parents had a great time too. They all commented on how much better Stephan’s show had been compared to other performances they had seen because of his energy and personality. Even though his price is higher than some other magicians, it is well worth it. I am a 110% satisfied customer and the kids couldn’t stop raving about the show!

Debbie Rose

Stephan came to my daughter’s 9th birthday party. Everyone had a blast. The kids are still talking about his show and the tricks. We highly recommend him.

Chris June